Monday, April 23, 2007

Vintage Made New...

My sweet mother left this fabulous (~And super long! Lol.) comment on my blog... Rather than "approving" the comment, I thought I'd share it here instead:

Nothing fancy is required for a quick "handbag refreshening kit." For any metal trim, Brasso is great, but also MAAS brand All Metal Polishing Cream is totally awesome at returning any kind of metal to a sparkling shine.

For cleaning the outside, use GOOP original waterless mechanics hand cleaner (~Found in the automotive section of any Walmart, Dollar General, ect). Rub it on and wipe off with a damp cloth.

If you are blessed with a patent leather bag: For a super shine, rub patent leather with vaseline, let set overnight, wipe the purse off with paper towel in the morning, then buff with a dry cloth towel. Car wax is also an oldie but goodie at restoring shine. Shoe polish (~Not liquid, but the type in the little can.) is also terrific at restoring new life to any kind of leather. Just match the color of the shoe polish with the color of the purse.

To remove a mildewy smell, line bag with crumpled newspaper, place in a few charcoal briquettes, close back up and leave for a week or so. Also, you can try spritzing the interior with lemon juice and placing purse (opened) out in the sun.(test small area for color fastness first).

Can we say genius?? Thanks so much mom for your tips! They are much appreciated!


Wanda said...

Hi: Just found you today through "Colorful Cro"

What a great idea "Operation Hokie Hope". I'm in...will send some of my cards before May 1st.

By the way...beautiful home!

norththreads said...

Hi! These are womnderful tips! Thanks for popping by & visiting!

Nerissa said...

tGood stuff! Thanks to your mom for the info.