Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Poetry?? What the &%@#??

So, I was surfing through different blogs last night, and low and behold, rediscovered a form of poetry which I actually received an "A" on in AP English waaaay back in high school... Haiku, it's called. I know you've heard of it. What I hadn't heard of was something called Haiga. Though I'm sure I learned about it during that little unit in class, I have since forgotten. (Sorry Ms. Fields. Lol.) Anyway, it's like Haiku, but with a photo. Sooooo... Being the artsy-creative person that I am, I grabbed my camera and went outside. Unfortunately, I do not have a green thumb, so the only thing worth taking a photo of in my yard was this dandelion... So, I did what I could with what I had... Maybe my brain was way out there and no one gets this? Or maybe it's just too simplistic that it's laughable? Ah well... It's my first (~And most likely last... Lol.) crack at Haiga- I suppose I can't be tooo hard on myself, now can I?
Anyone know anything about poetry want to take a crack at critique?? Go ahead. I have a hard shell. I can take it. :)
Happy Tuesday ladies and gentlemen.


Stephanie Jedlicka said...

What an awesome concept! I've never heard of haiga! LOVE the idea...I hope you'll do more! :)

And the photo is awesome!

updycrafts said...

Beautiful photo, photography is a hard thing to master but it looks like you are on your way...