Friday, March 09, 2007

So, on the Yahoo! homepage this morning, I awoke to find a research article headline stating this: Child's Sleep Disorder Affects Parents Too. Um, you think? Here is the first paragraph of the article: "NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - When children have sleep problems, their parents -- especially mothers -- often have sleep-deprived nights too, research shows." Here is the second paragraph: "In a study of families with children seen at a sleep clinic, researchers found that when children had multiple sleep problems, their parents were more likely to have daytime drowsiness." Seriously? That is what the researchers at Brown Medical School in Providence, Rhode Island are doing with their time? Good Lord! Any parent on the street could have told Dr. Julie Boergers and her research team that, don't you think? That's all for today everyone. I just had to share it. Lol.