Sunday, January 28, 2007

I'm a bit late posting Saturday's Divine Pick of the Day, but better late than never, right? Cup Couture is a must-have staple for today's caffiene-addicted albeit stylish individual. I found this fab invention at Wishing Fish. (Click on the photo above to check out their site!)

(Pssst- this one is only $10.00!! A bargain considering it's super-easy to clean and will last for practically forever. Well, until those innovative entrepreneurs come out with a new must-have design in your favorite color...)

Cup Couture.
Who would have thought?
Utterly genius.

Well, it's after 1am here.
I'm going to hit the rack.

Night all.


Kellie said...

Hi there girl! Just found your blog, I have to say I LOVE IT! Such a calm colour, and love your blog banner! I will be back for sure! :)
And yes I think I need that cup sleeve! Love starbucks and that would be perfect! :)

Kellie (babygotscraps)
*weren't we going to swap pictures? lol, I can't even remember*

Jeanie said...

I just found these too!!! Literally 2 minutes ago :)Love love love!
And check these we can be chic and scrub the dishes too ;~)

Robyn said...

I need some cup couture! AWESOME find Delaney!

iralamija said...

Love your work!! AWESOME!!