Sunday, January 28, 2007

Just have a moment.
A few photos of goodies.
Find 'em in my Etsy store.
Fun valentines.
Wild Asparagus tags.
Good times.
Happy Sunday everyone!


lorenzstudio said...

What fun new items for your etsy store! I think you are going to continue to do very well on etsy - keep up the good work!

Abby said...

Kindred: I fancy myself a crafty gal, and through the course of looking up crafty ideas online I followed one link after another and stumbled upon your blog (through etsy). Being an avid blogger as well, I had to take a peek. Love your style, think you're beautiful, may the creative juices continue to flow! (I had to comment bc I wish people that lurk around my blog would give a little shout out sometimes, ya know?)

Kelly Deal said...

Just say your etsy store, beautiful stuff as always!