Saturday, January 27, 2007

This isn't a Divine Pick of the Day.
This isn't a creative project I'm dying to share with you.
This is a letter.
To my husband.
Chances are, he isn't going to read this.
That's okay.
Here goes:
Seriously? How on earth can you get a Toblerone in your Christmas stocking over a month ago and still have some left? Please enlighten me, because I really don't understand. If I was the one to receive it, it wouldn't last a day in the cupboard. So I have a sweet tooth... We know that. But a month? C'mon man! Please, do me a favor.
Hurry up and eat it.
So it stops calling my name.
Rant over.
Thanks for listening.
And [maybe] understanding. :)
Goodnight all!
Sweet dreams.


Nat said...

bahahaha- that is too funny!

updycrafts said...

Men are weird...I think he should lose his chocolate privileges and be forced to hand it over to you! I think there is a law somewhere that says that...

mamaluke said...

You've inspired me... check out my blog...x

thoughtbubble said...

I'm with you there, I'd definitely have that chocolate gone in no time!