Saturday, September 23, 2006

Relatively speaking.

How crazy is it that today is only Saturday? Usually my weekends fly by and today seemed to drag on forever! Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining; I dearly love to stop and smell the roses. (Pale pink ones, to be exact.) I also love to analyze though.

We all know time is relative.
Relative to our mood.
Relative to the time of day.
Relative to our activity.
Relative to the people we're with.
Relative to what we know is going to happen next.
For the life of me though, I just can't figure out what made today go by so slowly! If I could, I'd bottle it, sell it, and become a rich woman. Mark my words. Seemingly more time in one's day? Pass that bottle over here, would you please?
I didn't get "ready" how I normally do. No hair straightener. No eyelash curler. No lip liner. I cut corners. It's okay though. My three-year old doesn't care if I'm wearing jeans and flip flops. So, I suppose not spending forever getting ready saved me about an hour and a half... Not going to WalMart saved me about two hours...
For once, I think I didn't have to waste time doing seemingly important mundane things like stand in line at the Supercenter or count silently to myself to make sure I'm holding the darn eyelash curler closed long enough...
Screw it.
I'll keep my straight eyelashes today.
I'll eat a creative lunch and dinner because I seriously need to go to the grocery store!
Because, I feel as though I gained an extra day this week.
And, that my friends, is priceless.
Relatively speaking of course.

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