Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Let Him Celebrate

Well, the good Lord only knows how this thought crossed my mind today. I mean, I'm not a football fan. I probably couldn't even name ten NFL teams off the top of my head if my life depended on it. (Technically, I probably could. You know what I mean though.) Are you ready for this ladies? (And gentlemen too, if any are actually reading my blog. Lol.)

I think I finally "get" the whole male/football thing.

Why is it that most males (Please note that I stated "most", not "all". I try hard not to generalize.) have this innate sense of urgency to watch each and every football game he is halfway interested in?

I mean. It's football. A bunch of overgrown guys chasing a pigskin filled with air around on a field, right? End of story. Throw in a couple of yellow flags on an unlucky day, some buffalo wings, and a lot of over-painted, under-clothed crazy fans, and you've got yourself a game, right? Wrong.

I can't tell you how many times I've stated, "It's only a football game. If you've seen one game, you've seen them all." I honestly feel guilty now. It hit me this morning as I was getting ready to take my little guy to preschool. Would I like someone telling me that I didn't need to watch this Thursday's episode of Grey's for the simple fact that if I had seen one episode of confused Meredith, cheating McDreamy and heart-broken Izzy, I'd seen 'em all? I don't freaking think so!

Football is more than a sport. It's an emotional community of thousands of people with a lot of heart who are pulling for a common cause. Each new match-up (Please forgive my terminology. This is coming from an individual who has never sat down to watch a complete game in her life. Go figure.) brings an entirely new set of stats to the table. New chances for records to be broken. A new story behind the story. (Heck, even I heard about the Saints winning their first game back in New Orleans and about the Manning brothers playing each other a week or so ago.) Also, I think men have this unexplained need to feel like they're a part of this story. You're husband's heart is on the field being stomped on at the very same instant his favorite player fumbles the ball.

Football also equals stress relief. I mean, seriously, how can you compare taking out frustration by dribbling a basketball down the court as opposed to taking out frustration by crashing full speed into another human being? I don't see how it's possible. It's full contact. It's manly. Men want to be a part of it.

Which brings me to my next point... Who am I to tell someone that he can't watch a game on tv? It's just a game, right? I feel that men have this need to belong to this so-called athletic communion of other men. Could I really bear the thought of a co-worker asking the person I love, "Hey man, did you see the innerception that so and so made last night?"

"Well man, I wasn't permitted to watch tv at that particular time. What happened?"

Yeah, like I want to put my guy through that. No woman wants to have the man she loves look inadequate or weaker than another man! That's our job- to build 'em up. Society has already dictated that guys are just supposed to know about football. (Or politics, or Nascar, or whatever his particular social circle dictates, I suppose.) End of story.

So, would it really kill us to understand our man's sense of urgency to flip the channel to ESPN before kickoff? I think not. Our men are a part of a bigger picture. They want to belong. They want to feel like they belong. Each new game is like a new soap opera, with new characters, new plot lines, an entire history from last "season" and different circumstances to boot. It's not just a game to them. So when he's shouting at the ref who made a bad call, try not to let him see you roll your eyes. I'll try too. He thinks he's a part of it. He is, actually. It's a male thing. ~And if that's helping him become a better man, then so be it. Let him celebrate the touchdown too.


Adrienne " A little dramatic at times" said...

ROFLOL!!!!! Where did that come from? My husband is the SAME way! Watches EVERY game that comes on! LOL

Julie Ann said...

Great blog header!

mamaluke said...

Sooo true! Besides, when else do men get to laugh, cry with and hug other men??? They need some emotional release sometime.

Whatever passion your man has (within reason) let us support them!