Monday, June 11, 2007

With this post...

Who would have ever imagined I would have a one hundredth blog post?
I surely wouldn't have.
I do enjoy writing.
I must be in the right mood to write though.
I haven't been lately.
My mind has been on other things.
Good things.
Funny, the first postings to my blog were lengthy musings about how everyday situations reminded me of a bigger picture...
My, my posts have gotten shorter, haven't they?
Ah, well.
I'll think of something blog-worthy to contemplate on tomorrow...
So, the name of my blog is Elegance. Redefined...
Let's talk about that, shall we?
I'm all about timeless, classic elegance, with a modern or whimsical twist.
Then simplified.
Nothing too fussy or frilly.
Nothing too old or distressed looking.
Nothing too modern.
Somewhere in the middle.
A mish-mash of Ballard Designs, if you will.
A trendy take on traditional elegance.
That's me.
That's my blog.
And that, my blog friends, was my 100th post.
So, what's your style?


Wanda said...

Yes Delaney: I'm back. I missed reading all your posts. Catching up.
I don't know if I'm just a copy cat, but what ever you show on your post....I seem to love it!!!
You are such a classy lady, I am excited to have a similar taste in things. Yeah!!

AnastasiaC said...

happy 100th post!
im a classic with a twist kinda girl too...i love timeless elegance.

stephanie said...

i love your style.
and i just know we would be friends.
i am a lady, or i try to be =), and i love that you are too.

updycrafts said...

Congrats on your 100th post! I too adore your style, I don't think I am as put together in my style, my friend chaos and I go way back!

Kelly Deal said...

Love your style Delaney. You and I have similar styles. I love anything French inspired mixed with some shabby chic. Basically pretty things! Oh and congrats on your 100th post!

the butterfly collector said...

congrats on your 100th! Love the card and that Anthropologie scarf is gorgeous too!

Laura said...

hmmmm style......
I often find myself enjoying a tailored, sophisticated, classy look.....and yet I enjoy the worn, rugged look as well. I would have to say my style changes with time, my mood and events. No modern here.

iralamija said...

very nice!

Bety :)

Ashley said...

I love the simplicity of that card.

elizabeth said...

i love, love, love this card!