Sunday, May 27, 2007

Just for fun y'all...

there once lived a girl
who fell in love with art
experimenting with mediums
right from the start

with school paste and scissors
flute and oboe too
then drama and writing…
the love affair grew

she took endless lessons:
art, ventriloquism, and magic
some talents kept secret
for they’d be socially tragic

photography and dance
there’s bound to be more
many forms of expression
flows creativity galore

now that she’s older
happy with her odd skills
content with herself
creating by Ozark hills

acrylics and watercolor
mixed media too
sometimes even poetry
for a special few

a penchant for whimsy
a passion for style
her mind never stops
behind that sure smile

thoughts always adrift
thanks to new inspiration
combining what she loves
a new venture formation

the feeling of newness
a fresh creative endeavor
if there’s one thing she’s learned
it’s to never say never


Wanda said...

Hip Hip Hoorah!!

Your're back! I've missed you and your stories, pictures, and "poems". I love it!!

Have a great Memorial Day!!

XOXO said...

It's nice to see you back. Hope all is well. Any idea when you'll be launching your new site? Enjoy your weekend!


Christy said...

Great poem!

Rachelle said...

FABULOUS! That totally made me smile!!

Marci said...

I have so missed reading your adventures! Glad to see you back.


Melissa said...

Fabulous - glad to see you back!

jamie said...

welcome back delaney!
looking forward to your new site :)
ps - i can't find you on etsy?

J's Crew said...

You truly are talented, love the poem. Thank YOU for the inspiration.

maria said...

I popped over to catch up on your blog {that and I couldn't find your etsy shop} so here's a good luck wish with that new site...looking forward to it. Your poem and outlook on life is fun to read!