Wednesday, May 02, 2007


So, it's 2:08AM.
What am I doing?
I need to be up in three and a half hours from now.
Listening to a little Jack Johnson right now.
Love him.
Adore him, in fact.
A section of my favorite lyrics to hear him sing?

"I believe in memories
They look so, so pretty when I sleep"

So very true.

Memories, here I come.

P.S. Is it weird that I get an odd sense of gratification when I click the spellcheck button and it tells me that no misspellings were found?

(I'm a grammar, typo and spelling fanatic.)

So what gives you an odd sense of gratification?

Don't be shy everyone! :)

Night night.


Lana said...

2-3 AM - totally can relate.. :) But re gratitude: when my dh will sit on the couch and watch a tv show with me without that "i should get up and do something" air him. he just can't sit still and 'hang' w/out guilt. *sigh*
I wish I could go un-spell-checked detected! I'm the worst! lol

maria said...

thanks for stopping by and leaving me a lil' comment....ditto..your posts often sound like something I was thinking...jack johnson...swoon...him and his lyrics. :)

Marci said...

Jack Johnson hottie! I lived in Hawaii for 3 years so he was always around north shore. Love him, everything is peaceful when he's on.

noell said...

I get satisfaction from being able to keep up with the trash and recycling: taking it out right before it overflows.

Aren't we funny?

Magpie9759 said...

Well, I don't spell check, but I can relate. I worked in Editorial at a textbook publishing firm for quite a few years. It is still a source of satisfaction for me to read a well-crafted sentence!

Wanda said...

Being fairly new at blogging...I get a strange feeling of gratitude when someone new posts a comment.

updycrafts said...

Tag...your it! See my blog for details!

Nerissa said...

You know this night when you wrote this post and left a note on my blog, I was up too. My husband came into my craft palace to claim me. It's just get to have creative time alone with the kids in bed and being surrounded by my art supplies.
I also get gratification when I have comments on my blog! It's so fun talking and meeting people from all over the place.

michelle said...

Oh, I get all antsy when I know I have to be awake so soon. But I do get so much satisfaction from, OK this is crazy, the sound of all the little make-up containers colliding in my make-up holder, and all the soft pinks and beiges and shimmery, lovely colors all hanging out together, lovely packaging...I like it so much, ever since I was a little girl...oh and a perfect lemonade, so killer.