Tuesday, May 01, 2007

I'm in love!

So in love with Martha's new products.
(Yeah- that's them. Did you find your way down here after wading through all of those photos? I had to display them. They're too fabulous not to be displayed.)
Proud of myself.
~Because I avoided buying those amazing little labels seven photos down.
Because I already make my own.
Just like those.
How I would love to move to New York and work for Martha.
Scratch that.
I want my own empire.
Based right out of the Ozarks.
Can you swallow that?
I'm in a funny mood today.
Out of sorts, I suppose.
It's rainy here.
Even the birds are in hiding.
I don't blame them.
I did, however, save three lives today.
Moved three of them from the sidewalk to grass.
Martha to earthworms.
Like I said, I'm in a funny mood today.
I just want to cuddle up in a blanket and finish the marketing book I'm in the middle of.
I just decided I really don't want to have to think for the rest of the day.
We had an appraiser at our house this morning.
Not fun times...
Yep. Done thinking.
Waaaay too much deep cleaning and scrubbing for a couple days...
This is so freaking random.
I feel random today.
Like I could take a nap or go take a road trip.
In the rain.
Listening to Harry Connick, Jr. or something.
Love his voice.
I think it would blend well with the rain, don't you?
My marketing book is calling my name.
So are comfy clothes, a blanket, and the couch.
Until next time...


Nerissa said...

I'm so glad I found your blog. You're so witty and entertaining to read. :)
I happened to wander into Michael's last week and saw her products. I couldn't stop drooling. I think I picked everything up to look at it. The colors are wonderful. I'm kind of a paper freak and LOVE her papers.

mamaluke said...

Hi Delaney, it has been toooo long since I checked out your blog! It looks like you have been mega busy with Etsy etc!well done you, however, as I know from experience, these things sometimes have a way of brimming over and taking over, so take care girl! I just love Martha too! thankfully we can get her Living Mag over here in the UK and if I'm in london at the right time I get the Wedding one too, and of course there's alwasy her site... just fab! i love your random thoughts, I have snuggle days too, feel like having one today... but I'm off for a meeting...darn!!! Love HCJ but have just discovered Michael Buble's new album on Napster! anyway, see you around, love and hugs, Ruth

Lana said...

your are something delaney. :)thankyou for posting martha's goods. there was a lot of talk about her recently and I haven't yet seen her new products. very pretty - better than I expected - love the leaves

Cupcake said...

Finally someone who sounds as quirky and random as I do.
Love your ramblings.
Now off to read all that I have missed from you before I found your blog... Wonder if that made sense? Oh well I think you will get what I mean.

Ginger John said...

Love the Martha stuff. Looks like she is opening up a whole new niche. Did you see the HUGE albums for scrapbooking 18X18 pages. Interesting. I'm not sure about those but she has some really great stuff. Of course right- she is MARTHA. Very entertaining rambling. Hope you enjoyed your marketing book. Rain always makes me want to curl up with a good book. :)