Sunday, April 08, 2007

Whoa. It has been for evah since I've updated this thing! I really need to get blogging again..

So much to say.

Not enough time to say it in.

Mucho magic today folks.

I am proud to report that the Easter Bunny did eat the salad we left for him on the front porch.

He then left a trail of foil-wrapped chocolate eggs from my little guy's room to where his Easter basket was hidden in the living room. Kind of a scavenger hunt like that. You know. Make the kid work for the goods. Lol.

Anyway, the service this morning was very nice. After that, all of the extended family on my hubby's side congregated for brunch at his grandparents house. Seriously- it was like a classroom at an elementary school or something, there were so many kiddos running around! One of my jobs was "official egg hider". I had a blast. We had tonnnnns of eggs for the kiddos to hunt. Sooo much fun. What a memorable Easter.

Cute aside here: On the way home from church this morning in the car, my 3 year old asked "where Jesus was if he came back alive every Easter". Too darn cute, eh? Ah, the things kiddos say...

I'm thinking about adding Divine Papers to Myspace... Anyone else on it?

Have a Happy Easter everyone.

Oh, FYI: Before the chocolate-induced coma that I just awoke from a bit ago, I did still manage to stress the importance of the real meaning of Easter, amidst the bunnies and eggs, to my kiddo. Gotta do that.

Keep it real.

Have a fabulous week.

Check back soon. I'll write.

I promise.

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updycrafts said...

You have been missed...glad you had a wonderful Easter and glad you are back!

Shantay said...

I missed you!! Glad you are back! And I hear that I might get to meet you in person! Can't wait for you to come teach!! Happy to hear that you had a great Easter!