Monday, April 16, 2007

Oh dear me, just how did this end up in my cart at Walmart today? I'll tell you how. Those darn complimentary frozen food bags at the end of the freezer aisles make it too tempting sometimes to smuggle something such as this through the entire store up to the front to check out... Especially if one says in a loud voice, "Oh, I hope our 100% fruit juice sorbet doesn't melt in this heat we're experiencing outside today!" Completely believable, don't you think?

Um. Yeah.

So, thank you Walmart, for providing those fabulous non-see-through paper bags for my ice cream. For some reason, I just feel better buying it when no one is able to glance over and see it next to the Healthy Choice diet dinners in my cart... Yes?

Sheesh. There's my daily calorie allowance all in a single pint.

Let's see... There are four (4) servings per container at 260 calories per serving... That's 1,040 calories in one pint.

Soooo... If a person, hypothetically of course, ate the whole thing and drank Diet Coke for the rest of the day, 1,040 calories for a day isn't too darn bad!



Rachelle said...

I am LOVING your logic! Eat up!

jamie said...

Delaney you are too cute! If you picked chocolate icecream, it comes from the cocoa bean {a vegetable!} LOL xo

Sarah said...

I like your rationale - works for me!

I am so excited to see what you come up with for my design!!!!

niccolina said...

HA! I said the same thing to myself at the grocery store when I bought ice cream sandwiches AND Cheez-its this week!

stephaniehowell said...

oh lord, i have NO self control when it comes to ice cream.
and i've got the booty to prove it. =)