Saturday, September 16, 2006

Yeah yeah, more about the puzzle piece thing...

So, last night, I quickly wrote a glimple into my stream of consiousness so I wouldn't forget about the subject...

Regardless of which aspect in one's life it is that an individual finds his or her perfect "fit" with, one must hang on to that, you know? Don't try to cram two puzzle pieces together just because all of the cool kids are. Find your match. Once you find it, don't change that particular puzzle piece. The Puzzle Designer created it that way for a reason. Don't screw it up.

Once one area of life's puzzle is formed, move on. It's right. You know that. It fits. Work on something else. For example, in this crazy Ebay seller business I'm in, I'm not going to follow every single scrapbooking trend just to make a sale. I create with my heart. I found my niche. It's good. I'm not changing.

Insert shameless plug for my Ebay business here:

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Anyway, keep working on the big picture. It's worth the wait. Why try to fit two pieces together that don't belong? The picture will just get jacked up. So what if we're all 80 years old before our puzzle comes completely together? I frankly don't care. I'd rather be 80 with a great picture than 23 with a forced one that doesn't make sense.

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mamaluke said...

I'm so glad your mojo is back dleaney, i for one have missed seeing your creations on ebay. i am unashamedley inspired by your work. Enjoy your boy being 3, mines now four, and I'm learning to enjoy that too! Your blog has also inspred me to add to mine!
Take care and I look forward to seeing more of your creations!