Monday, August 28, 2006

A New Outlook

I'm traveling down the path of life now with a new outlook. A happy one. I still hold the belief that "everything happens for a reason", however, I have learned that I must make things happen! I can't sit back and think to myself, "Well, if it's meant to happen, it will in the end."

Too much of the time, we go through life with that former attitude. I have seen so many wonderful things happen to people who make them happen! That's what I'm going to start doing. Concentrate on the happy things. Make my life a reflection of who I really am! I think I lost myself somewhere between the hustle and bustle and overwhelming thoughts of my day to day life. It's changed. It's been redefined. My style is simple elegance. That's me. Hopefully my thoughts, my home, my activities, and my work will reflect that now. (Thus the reason for my blog's name.)

I vow to not lose myself again.
I vow to create from deep within my soul.
I vow to [attempt to] please He who matters in life.
I vow to stop trying to make others happy.

Concentrate on what really matters in life.
Create happy memories.
Capture them.
Remember them.
How I want to remember them.
With elegance.

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