Wednesday, June 06, 2007

And two shall become one...

This post signifies the end of my other blog, Divine Pick of the Day. From now on, any Divine Picks are going to become Delaney's Picks and they'll all be shown right here.
On this blog.
So, adjust your bookmarks everyone.
You're in for some eye candy here!

That being said, isn't this scarf smashing?
Oh, I just adore it.
I'm really not a scarf person.
But I'd like to be.
I could be if I owned this.
It's linen and silk people.
Click on the photo above to check it out at Anthropologie...


domestic goddess said...

hi delaney just popping by, so love that photo of your sons paint!!

domestic goddess said...

hi delaney just popping by to say HI
hope you are well

Kelly Deal said...

I'm not a scarf person either, but that IS gorgeous!

Amelia said...

I LOVE that scarf and the body form.....your blog is great!!!


jenniferPaganellli said...

I like Delaneys Pics...thanks for coming by earlier I appreciate it can't wait for shop to open would love to see what's going on at Delaneys..Jennifer

stephaniehowell said...

hey gorgeous.
love this. but you know that. we are style twins!!

Wanda said...

Nice you blog.

Ginger John said...

I do adore a good Anthropolgie item. That's a very cool scarf. I'm with you in that I never wear a scarf...maybe if I didn't have to worry about my kids getting tangled up in it...:)