Thursday, May 03, 2007

Secret Scrawl

So, this little book goes with me just about everywhere I go. It has a handy magnetic closure and is created in a to-die-for color. Very elegant, don't you think? It stays by my side when I read magazines so I can jot down websites of interest, and overall, is very devoted to me. It's not a regular journal. It's more of a "resource book" per say. I write stuff down that I'm going to want to reference at a later time. Not stories. Just cool stuff. Funny things I've heard. Great websites. Things like that.
Thought you'd like a peek.
P.S. I actually write pretty- this scrawl is really random, ugly, and [usually] for my eyes only. :)


Wanda said...

Do you leave it by your bed for those great thoughts in the night?

I liked it....wanted a little bigger peek!! ((smile))

Rachelle said...

I am in continued awe of your organization!

Christy said...

This is a great idea. I have several notebooks that I keep at home with torn out mag pages but I need something to keep with me at all times for those things you find when your out and about. Usually when I'm at Barnes & Noble looking through mags, I secretly write down something on a scrap piece of paper. It would be nice to keep it all together though. Yours is cute too!

Anonymous said...

I bought a beautiful 2007 datebook from you and I carry that little thing around with me everywhere to write down ideas.

amanda said...

funny..actually the first thing I thought was that your writing was very cool and unique even if you think it's just scrawl

just found your site, hope you don't mind me stopping by.