Saturday, April 28, 2007

Where is the line drawn?

So, where does craftiness intersect with art?

I'm puzzled by that.

Technically, I "doodled" on this card.

I designed it.

Does that make it art?

When does a paper-crafter become an artist?

What defines an art piece?

The composition?

The complexity?

I've seen abstract paintings that are considered art which look like the work of a preschooler.

Is it just a $3.00 greeting card or a $30.00+ mixed media assemblage?

I've seen both ends of the spectrum from equally successful artists.

Is it just the marketing?

Who defines it?

The artist?

The buyer?

Is it different for everyone?

What's your opinion?

Sure, I've had my work published in magazines a few times. Nothing to speak of really...

Sure, I've sold a few paintings. Some assemblages on canvas too... (See below.)

Sure, I've been "hired" countless times to create things for people...

Anyone could do this stuff though... It's not complex.

What defines an artist?

Below, is the definition from
a person who produces works in any of the arts that are primarily subject to aesthetic criteria.
a person who practices one of the fine arts, esp. a painter or sculptor.
a person whose trade or profession requires a knowledge of design, drawing, painting, etc.: a commercial artist.
a person who works in one of the performing arts, as an actor, musician, or singer; a public performer: a mime artist; an artist of the dance.
a person whose work exhibits exceptional skill.
a person who is expert at trickery or deceit: He's an artist with cards.
Obsolete. an artisan.

—Synonyms 1. Artist, artisan are persons having superior skill or ability, or who are capable of producing superior work. An artist is a person engaged in some type of fine art. An artisan is engaged in a craft or applied art.

I'd love to hear your thoughts...


A girl who plays with paper and doodles on stuff...


BonnieRose said...

I think artists have free expression. Period. If it's you and u made it.. it's art. Plain and simple.. that's my take on it. Love your blog btw... it rocks - thks for seeing mine today... gotta love fun lipstick!

Pearl Maple - Mandy Collins said...

Color depends on what end of the light spectrum you are viewing from and they say beauty is in the of the beholder so does that make the art vs craft question simply a matter of per perspective ?

Jennifer Paganelli said...

Wow just linked to you from another blog and I love what you are about can't wait to see Divine papers
really pretty stuff love your creations....all my best, Jennifer

tongue in cheek said...

An artist
is someone who makes imagination real.
is someone who can make reality a delicious dream
Art for me is creative expression
dance, cooking, BMX riding, paiting, knitting, journalling...singing

art is a gift of self expression.

Mandy said...

I definitely think that anyone who creates something that is asthetically pleasing (two just them or the masses) is an artist. The world of scrapbooking has introduced some amazing artists to the world. Who cares if we get a little help from pretty papers and stickers...if it is a unique creation. :)

Lana said...

I totaly think what I do is art. AND what you do as well.. even more so. ;) It's very much the reason I make my pages, for the look, and the fun of doing it too. And telling the story rounds out the thirds of the pie why I scrapbook. Love you card btw- great doodley design!

Lisagh said...

I'm an Art Director who graduated with a fine arts degree. I am not, however, an artist. My path took me into advertising. Here's my two cents on this very interesting subject:

Art has no rules. It's about feeling and expression, mood and emotion. Although it communicates with the viewer, it is totally subjective.

Design has definite rules. There are guidelines and structures that must be maintained in order for it to "work". It is about communication and can be objectively viewed.

Craft falls somewhere in between. It's less ethereal than art and less stringent than design.

Wanda said...

I believe art is when your passion is so great to do it, you do it.

I watercolor because I can't not watercolor - It's part of who I am.

That probably doesn't make any sense....but that my thoughts!

Wanda said...

PS: I loved all the art you shared on your post...Loved your explanation of art too.

Lisagh said...

One more thought:

Art is in the artist, not the medium.

Nerissa said...

Great post and questions. I've thought about this myself in beginning to sell my work. I consider myself an artist and my work art. It's my heart and soul and something I'm so passionate about.
Your work that you posted is beautiful. I can't wait to see the website. Your work is art!
Thanks for taking a look at my Etsy store and your comments and suggestions. It means a lot. I absoutely love your artwork.

domestic goddess said...

theres an artisit in us all, one who expresses their inner self i believe is an artist, whether taht be in an exquisite meal, a card or a canvas, love love love your doodle and paper ;) xxxx

** Terramia ** said...

This is definitely art. It's a conscious creative production.. it's unique... it's passionate... it comes from *your* heart. A picture drawn at the age of three is considered an art piece... it affects our senses, and thus we label it art. That is you, my dear.
Great philosophical question...

julie (jane's apron) said...

I've been trying to figure this one out too...sometimes I feel like an artist...sometimes a crafter. I like one of your definitions best..."a person whose work exhibits exceptional skill"...and your doodled card does just that!

mamaluke said...

we are crafty artisans... or artistic crafters....?