Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Totin' it Amy Butler style...

So stoked here.
Just had to share this.
My new purchase.
To tote my crafty notions around in when I work away from home...
Amy Butler has now crossed over into the scrapbooking world as well.
Gotta love that.
More later.
I have 90 cards I must ship out to a shop tomorrow!
Must. Have. Starbucks. Now.
(A Venti Peppermint Mocha, to be exact.)
It's going to be a late night y'all...
P.S. I know I owe emails to many of you- I've been crazy-busy lately, so please bear with me and know that you'll receive a reply ASAP! Thanks so much for your patience!


Marci said...

I LOVE that bag!!
Get busy with those cards and stop reading this post, haha

AnastasiaC said...

Woahh huge tote!
love the colour and pattern!

Nerissa said...

I've been waiting for her stuff to hit the stores. I just picked up a stack of 4x6 paper from her line. LOVE the bag. Although I don't know how I'd explain that one to my husband. I already have a ton of bags just for crafting. He laughed when I bought luggage for my jewelry display trays. I HAD to have a cute pink one. :)
PS ha ha! We're commenting at the same time!!

jamie said...

that made me happy too, love amy butler!

nice bag, tres chic!!