Tuesday, January 23, 2007

I've reached a milestone today. My first ETSY purchase! I thought it was only appropriate that since I've started listing on ETSY (Shameless plug for Divine Papers, I know... Lol.), I should also purchase from the said site as well. This is the find of a lifetime for me. Now, I can bring a little of the Starbucks-understated-fabulousness into my home! These are mosaic coasters created from used Starbucks gift cards! Aren't they wonderful?!

Pssst: They're created by Flawed Flock. I've heard they have a multitude of giftcards sitting around... Check 'em out and maybe if you ask nicely, they'll create a custom order for you!

Also, since we're in the world of fabulousness today, that brings me to the oh-so-talented and personable (~Not to mention the fact that she's a total cutie!) Wendy Updegraff! (She blogs! http://www.updycrafts.blogspot.com/ ) Wendy is the co-owner of POPIN Children's Boutique in Jacksonville, Florida. If you're ever in the area, you should totally stop by. ~Complete eye candy, judging from the pictures on POPIN's homepage, below:

If you're not in the Jacksonville area (Which, sadly, I'm not either.), you can shop online!

Anyway, tag, I'm it! Wendy tagged me earlier to list six weird things about myself! Good times! Here they are:

1. The security guards at the National Archives in DC came after me once. (Note To Self: Make sure camera flash is off before taking photo of the Declaration of Independence. Um, yeah...)

2. I sometimes purchase things I don't need on the basis of color alone. (Example: A few months ago, I bought a fab turquoise car washing bucket. Lol.)

3. I hoard Crane & Co. Stationary. Hoard it.

4. Back in the day, Lee Greenwood once sang to me. (God Bless The USA)

5. Whenever I smell the scent of PVC plastic, it takes me back to the days of Mc Donald's Happy Meals. (You know- with the really fun plastic chicken nugget toys... Remember those?)

6. I purchase my salad dressing right from Olive Garden. Love that stuff.

Psssst! Here's proof of #4...
(Like I said... Waaaay back in the day!)

Have a happy and creative day everyone!


updycrafts said...

Congratulations on your sale...that's so exciting! Thanks for the plug:) Love the list~a fellow paper hoarder...I should have known!

Sarah said...

your banner is the cutest! Love the coasters!