Thursday, October 05, 2006

5 bottles of Jergens on the wall...

Call me obsessive compulsive. Call me resistant to change. Call me a traditionalist. ~But don't call me out of my favorite lotion!!!

(At least, not anymore.)

When I discovered that Jergens lotion changed their lineup, I was crushed. So, being the resourceful individual that I am, not to mention "creature of habit" that I've been referred to on more than one occasion, I made a phone call to my Jergens representative whose phone number was so conveniently listed on the back label of my empty bottle of Jergens lotion. Alas, my favorite lotion is being discontinued. No longer can I walk into my local supermarket (More commonly referred to as a supercenter by Walmart USA residents here at the hub of the retail giant's home office where I reside.) and purchase my Jergens. It's official.

~And now for the reason why most of you are probably here reading this... :)

Have you ever had a product discontinued that you adored? My friendly Jergens representative helpfully gave my the name of this fabulous website:
Inside this so-called chest of yesteryear, a desperate soul will find just about any product that has been discontinued! It's a great site! A bit prehistoric in design, I'll admit, however, it is packed with items who used to to have their very own SKU number... Check it out.

My, um, five bottles of lotion were just dropped off at my doorstep today!

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